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UniVerse®, UniData® and OpenQM


Finally, after all these years, there is a generic Pick® print spooler for UniVerse, UniData and OpenQM.

No more converting all the SP-ASSIGN and STARTPTR commands in your generic Pick software to SETPTR commands. No need for your employees to adjust to a totally different print architecture.

SpoolerPlus allows you to run your generic Pick software on UniVerse, UniData and OpenQM using the generic Pick printer commands that are embedded in your software or that you use at TCL – e.g. STARTPTR, SP-ASSIGN, SP-EDIT, SP-STATUS, SP-KILL, LISTPTR, LISTPEQS, and STARTSPOOLER.

SpoolerPlus will hold, print, hold-and-print and spool on-hold print jobs from designated print queues to designated printers or files when those jobs are generated and/or when those printers are available. It will also leave spooler entries open for additional print jobs and it will suppress all printing.

And (adding a feature to the generic Pick print spooler) you can configure each printer to the print characteristics of the assigned print queue automatically when the printer is assigned to that queue, using printer drivers that we supply and/or that you may write – which is the "Plus" in "SpoolerPlus".

Migrating generic Pick software to UniVerse, UniData and OpenQM has never been easier.

You no longer have to overcome the FILE-SAVE and ACCOUNT-SAVE tape format incompatibilities between UniVerse/UniData/OpenQM and most generic Pick databases when transferring your software. Our FileCaddy™ programs, TAPE.DUMP™ and TAPE.LOAD™, quickly and reliably transfer all the software and data files in each account from most generic Pick databases to UniVerse, UniData and OpenQM in just two steps, automatically creating new files on the fly if they are missing.

The last barriers to moving your software to UniVerse, UniData or OpenQM have been removed.

There’s never been a better time to migrate your software to UniVerse, UniData or OpenQM. Using our migration package, you can migrate your software yourself, we can migrate it for you or we can work with you as a member of your migration team.

Special pricing for UniVerse, UniData and OpenQM is available when purchased with SpoolerPlus.

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