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Software Migration

Migrating application software from one multivalue database to another can be challenging:


    1. Different tape formats.
    2. Different VOC/MD formats.
    3. Different dictionary structures.
    4. Different Basic program statement syntax.
    5. Different User Modes.
    6. Different print and print spooler architectures and commands.
    7. Different editor syntax.
    8. Different peripheral connectivity architectures and protocols.
    9. Different database installation and start-up procedures.
    10. Different database back-up procedures.

All these differences contribute to the cost of software migration.

And, the failure to migrate often causes an organization to continue to use old, slow and restrictive databases and computers even after their needs have outgrown them.

The key to limiting the cost of migration is to migrate to the database that best emulates your current database.

Sysmark specializes is migrating application software to UniVerse®, UniData® and OpenQM.

These databases support generic Pick® program, proc and TCL syntax, and the most commonly used user modes.

UniVerse and OpenQM support the generic Pick® MD, Q-pointers and file dictionaries.

Using Sysmark’s SpoolerPlus®, both the generic Pick spooler form queue architecture and spooler commands (including :STARTSPOOLER, STARTPTR, SP-ASSIGN, SP-EDIT, LISTPTR, LISTPEQS, etc.) are supported on UniVerse, UniData and OpenQM.

Using Sysmark’s FileCaddy™ file transfer suite, consisting of the programs TAPE.DUMP™ and TAPE.LOAD™, all the files (including the MD) in an account can be migrated from most multivalue databases to most other multivalue databases, particularly UniVerse, UniData and OpenQM, in just two steps.

Sysmark offers our migration package of SpoolerPlus and FileCaddy both as separate products and as part of our migration services.

Migration services can be structured so that our migration specialists work with your application software specialists to perform those tasks for which we are best suited and to support your specialists in performing those tasks for which they are best suited.

Both the migration package and migration services can also include original licenses of UniVerse, UniData or OpenQM at special pricing.

Contact Sysmark now to discover how easy and inexpensive it can be to migrate your application software to UniVerse, UniData or OpenQM.





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